January 19, 2021

"Always Open" Giving Hearts Day Campaign

Support Friends Fargo-Moorhead February 11!

What is a Friend (Professional Mentor)? The first priority of our full-time, salaried mentors is to walk alongside children facing great challenges to help them create their very best future and break the cycle of poverty. But in addition to helping kids grow, this year we've also been a lifeline to families in crisis by:

  • Supporting children experiencing foster care, custody battles, parent incarceration and other family trauma to ensure they have a consistent, trusted, caring adult in their lives.
  • Assisting with transportation, delivering food and supplies, and ensuring our young learners could stay connected and engaged.
  • Connecting families with emergency grants and resources, as well as helping navigate unemployment, housing, and other assistance.
  • Continuing to provide services no matter what. In 2020, families needed us more than ever and we remained "Always Open."

February 11 is Giving Hearts Day, a day when your donation can be MATCHED to make the most impact! You can help us fulfill our 12+ Year, "No Matter What" commitment to amazing local children who need us! You can now even schedule your donation in advance.